CommUNITY Acupuncture

CommUNITY Acupuncture


CommUNITY Acupuncture

Stress Resilience Community Acupuncture

45 Min | Pay-What-You-Can $25-$45 (paid in person at the time of the scheduled service)

This community clinic was created to provide relief from and build resilience to the impacts of chronic, unrelenting stress on our lives—both our personal stressors and those that we face collectively as a whole.

Some Common Effects of Chronic Stress:

  • Fatigue, Low Energy/Vitality

  • Mental-Emotional Dis-ease often rooted in feeling overwhelmed, unfulfilled, frustrated, and “stuck”

  • Brian fog + trouble focusing

  • Digestive Distress

  • Head + Body Pain, Tightness, Achiness, Stiffness

  • Disturbed Sleep

  • Menstrual Dis-ease

  • Weakened Immune System

  • Low to no tolerance for acute stress

Treatments last approximately 45 minutes and are offered on a sliding scale $25-45. Clinical intake + consent forms are provided to you upon arrival. If this is your first visit, please arrive 10 minutes early to complete paperwork and keep our clinic on time.

While we recommend you book online to assure your spot, when available, same-day reservations and walk-ins are welcome.

Never tried acupuncture before? This is a wonderful introduction. Receive regular acupuncture? This is a lovely way to add another needle nap to your month.


  • Upon arrival, you’ll be given a short intake + consent form, make your payment, and wait to be directed to the treatment space.

  • This is a stress-free zone for you, the Align staff, and your acupuncturist! Please make space in your day to not be in a rush at community acupuncture.

  • Once downstairs, you’ll pick your spot (one of six total yoga-mat treatment stations) and roll-up pant legs/sleeves + remove socks and any watches/bracelets. Your acupuncturist will feel your wrist pulses on both hands and look at your tongue (these give a read on the state of your body’s energy systems + pathways). Next, the acupuncture points are inserted—anywhere from 3-12 points spanning from the top of your head to the tip of your toes.

  • Each point will be precisely located and gently massaged before a small tube guides the needle into the point. It’s very common to not feel anything as the needle is inserted, but then to feel “something” in the area shortly afterwards. Warmth and movement around the needle are the most frequent observations as are similar sensations in areas of the body where there are no needles at all. Some points may zing a bit on initial insertion—this dissipates quickly. You’ll be walked through the process every step of the way and your feedback is both honored and encouraged.

  • Once all of the points are in place and you‘re comfortable, you‘ll rest for about 30 minutes during which time your body will be doing a lot of work taking the direction of the needles—opening areas that are stuck and constricted and strengthening areas that are tired and weak. Your acupuncturist will be in the room the entire time, so if you decide you’re done, or have a concern, you can just raise your hand and they’ll come over.


Stress Resilience Group Acupuncture is a safe and inclusive space that welcomes all members of our community (including visitors!). We celebrate connectivity, and employ kindness and respect, always. All ways. And assume the same of you. Your level of care will never be based on any private or public identifying factors.



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