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  • Sage

    Cleanse & charge objects. Promotes quality of sleep and stress relief. Releases negative energy. Purifies space.Learn More
  • Selenite

    Queen of all crystals! Neutralizes all energy. Cleansing , purifying and protective. Clears other crystals.Learn More
  • Shungite

    Deeply grounding stone. Activates all 7 main chakras. It’s used to detoxify the body and rid the mind of negativity while contributing as an aura cleanser. Shungite soothes insomnia, relieves pain, & improves energy levels.Learn More
  • Snow White Quartz

    Assists with communication with Angels and Spirit Guides. Quiets the mind during meditation, and amplifies our own psychic abilities. Snow Quartz is attuned to the Crown Chakra.Learn More
  • Sodalite

    Calms the mind. Encourages truth and intuition.Calms the mind. Encourages  truth, intuition, and verbalisation of feelings. Brings emotional balance and calms panic attacks. Enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust.Learn More
  • Tangerine Quartz

    Promotes creativity & courage. Boosts fertility & happiness. Encourages playfulness.Learn More
  • Turgite

    Dissolves negativity in all forms. Used to ground high vibrational states Assists with mental functioning, memory and development. Calms the mind and connects with deep inner peace. Enables communication with the Angelic realm. Purchase on EtsyLearn More