Intuitive Tarot Reading

30 min for $40 | 60 min for $80 (paid in person at the time of the scheduled service)

Intuitive Tarot Reading is the practice of translating Spiritual Guidance through the Archetypal Imagery of the Tarot . Enter into a safe, healing, conversational space and receive deeper understanding about the relationship between your inner-world and the world around you. Come prepared with questions, or come open to receive whatever messages await. Available in-person Saturday/Sunday 11-5 Thursday/Friday 11-3


Astrology Readings

120 min | $222 (paid in person at the time of the scheduled service)

SoulStar Astrology Offerings All readings can be done in person or on Zoom.
Natal Chart Reading An astrology natal chart—is a map of where all the planets were in their journey around the Sun (from our vantage point on earth) at the exact moment you were born. This type of reading can reveal your character traits, behavioral tendencies, your opportunities for soul growth and the directions your life might take. Your motivations, your challenges, your emotions, the way you love … these things are NOT an accident! Your birth chart, which is the specific placement of the planets at the time you were born, has had a very significant impact on you, helping create the person you’ve become. Approximately 120 minutes $222
*Without a birth time, you won’t be able to accurately learn your rising sign, or ascendant. Nor will you correctly know which houses the planets in your chart fall in. But there is still a LOT of data you can glean by entering your date and location of birth—so don’t let that stop you from getting a natal chart reading.
Transit Chart Reading The cosmos is in constant flux; planets are in constant motion. These current movements relative to position of the planets at the time of your birth, in Astrology, are called transits. Transits are determined by comparing your birth chart with the current position of the planets to forecast the nature of upcoming events in your life.Transits can be short term and long term. Faster moving planets such as Venus would yield shorter transits versus slowing moving planets such as Neptune. Life has its seasons and becoming aware of the astrological season you find yourself in can be a useful tool in navigating daily life. Approximately 75 minutes $222
Solar Return Reading Every year at approximately the same date as your birth date is your solar return for the year. This exact moment in time represents the exact point of relative longitude the Sun was placed at the time of your birth. At that moment a solar return chart is born. This chart adds a another layer to your natal chart and can give you clues to forecast situations, events, and general state of mind for the year. Approximately 75 minutes $222




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